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Fitness and Wellness

Woodside is the ideal setting for getting outdoors and staying active, or for taking advantage of the incredible indoor facilities- available at Village Fitness. The 22,000 square foot space includes a juice bar, an indoor saline swimming pool, group classrooms, cardio equipment, circuit training equipment, and much more.

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Whether you prefer to work out alone, in a group setting, or one-on-one with a professional trainer, we have the fitness solution you’re looking for. BarreAmped®, for example, is an intensive body shaping experience that produces reliable results, no matter the person or fitness level- and Village Fitness is the only gym that offers it in our area. We also have a special emphasis on functional fitness. This program, which trains your muscles to do everyday activities like lifting luggage or playing with kids safely and efficiently, is just one of the many ways your fitness is tailored to your needs at Woodside.