Nature Conservation


Woodside sets itself apart from other master-planned communities in many ways, the most noticeable of which being the way that we embrace our naturally beautiful surroundings. Woodside is situated beside a stunning, protected nature preserve, and the pristine meadows, lakes, rolling woodlands, parks and green spaces, and more that wind in and out of our gates make for one breathtaking setting for your home. How do we accomplish this? Quite simply, we stand behind our commitment to nature conservation, incorporating the natural landscape into our community rather than replacing it.

Read on here to learn more about how our community and our residents are embracing and protecting our surroundings. From Woodside’s status as a Bluebird Sanctuary, to planned hikes by the Woodside Trail Group, and an invitation to watch from home as we embrace nature while developing a brand-new neighborhood, we’re letting you in to see how we continue to strengthen our commitment to preserving what makes our community spectacular.


Hollow Creek Land Preserve, Inc. was established in 2007 by the developer of Woodside to perpetually preserve and protect approximately 110 acres of natural woodland and wetland area adjacent to Woodside, known as Hollow Creek Nature Preserve.  What’s more, the establishment of Hollow Creek Land Preserve promotes the safeguarding of indigenous wildlife and ensures the pristine condition of local land is preserved thus providing residents the enjoyment of unspoiled natural settings for walking, fishing, and wildlife observation.

Bluebird perching


The South Carolina Bluebird Society (SCBS) was established here in Aiken on October 19, 2010. It is the first North American Bluebird Society (NABS) Affiliate to be organized in South Carolina, and the collaborative efforts of this group have helped fledge thousands of bluebirds and other cavity dwellers from our nest boxes! Woodside is honored to have been declared an official bluebird sanctuary, and, thanks to the efforts of Woodside residents like Mike DeBruhl, the current South Carolina Bluebird Society President, we have an incredibly active and dedicated group of individuals within our community who build and maintain bluebird trails and nest boxes! Many of these nest boxes reside at Woodside model homes, so don’t be surprised if during your Woodside Discovery Visit you see them flying about while exploring our property.

Visit the South Carolina Bluebird Society’s website for more information about their efforts and how to get involved! 


Our commitment to embrace our natural surroundings is strengthened by the participation of residents who share our dedication to conservation. The Woodside Trail Group, since its inception in 2008, has now evolved into a 120-member loosely organized group who organize work parties to maintain Woodside’s system of walking and nature trails, and group hikes to explore trails both in and outside of the Woodside community.  Thanks to their efforts, Woodside’s natural trails continue to be a well-maintained setting for getting outdoors and enjoying the scenic views provided by our proximity to the Hollow Creek Land Preserve. Interested in hiking with the Woodside Trail Group? 

Visit the Woodside Trail Group’s website for information on upcoming hikes!

Monarch Butterfly

North american butterfly assocation

The North American Butterfly Association (NABA) formed in 1992 and is the largest group of people in North America dedicated to the preservation of butterflies. Woodside’s Butterfly Park has been named both a Certified Butterfly Park and Certified Monarch Garden by the NABA. The Butterfly Park is also a sanctuary for bluebirds, hummingbirds, buntings, and more. 

Visit The Butterfly Monarchy’s Facebook page for more information about their efforts and how to get involved!



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