We’ve always known our residents are an amazing representation of the melting pot that is America. And, we’ve been privileged to hear a variety of their stories – whether a war hero, a UPS truck driver, a college dean, a mom and housewife, a banker, a public servant, a Fortune 500 CEO, or myriad other roles that blend seamlessly into the one warm and inviting community that is Woodside. Many of our owners say that people here, “…don’t ask what you did, but what are you going to do now.”  This attitude is reflected in the humility of our residents who have an experience that positively changes history – theirs, ours, someone’s – and are too humble to speak publicly. But…sometimes…there is a story so heartwarming, so special that it simply must be shared.  Such is the case with Jan and Zuzana Peer whose role in a touching Holocaust reunion was shared by the Aiken Standard on Christmas Day.   Jan and Suzana – we are honored that you call Woodside home!

(Photo and article are credited to Aiken Standard.)