Woodside is Home to a Certified Butterfly Park 

Monarch Butterfly

Woodside’s newest park has been deemed a Certified Monarch Garden by The North American Butterfly Association! This distinguished accolade recognizes the Park as a garden that “provides resources that increase the world’s population of Monarch Butterflies.” The Butterfly Park also includes a pavilion perfect for community gatherings and has already become home to Woodside’s new Butterfly Monarchy club meetings in addition to other neighborhood gatherings.

Habitat and Migration


The Monarch Butterfly is one of North America’s most recognizable butterfly species. Their wings are typically deep orange with black borders and white spotted edges. A diet solely of plants in the Milkweed family allows Monarch caterpillars to evolve into beautiful, healthy adult butterflies. Woodside’s dedicated Butterfly Park is specifically landscaped to include several Milkweed varieties along with other friendly plant species that promote healthy growth and preservation of the Monarch population. The Butterfly Park provides a colorful rest stop for the kaleidoscope along their nearly 3,000-mile seasonal migration across North America. 

Each Fall, between late October and early November, swarms of Monarch butterflies migrate across the continent, heading to Mexico and the Caribbean islands. These nectar seekers can be observed traveling throughout South Carolina’s midlands, upstate, and Lowcountry, as they seek warmer weather. Woodside’s certified Butterfly Park increases opportunities for nature lovers and enthusiasts to glimpse the regal Monarchs.  

Bristlecone lots

Committed to Preservation

Woodside maintains acres of dedicated greenspace to preserve native wildlife and flora and to ensure each continues to thrive in its most natural settings. The community has plans to construct additional parks as part of its continued commitment to the environment. With 21+ miles of nature trails for walking, biking, and hiking, the newly certified Butterfly Park provides another charming recreational area for Woodside residents to enjoy and is sure to be a pleasing attraction for visitors to discover!   

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