Woodside Communities: Love Your Home

In case you haven’t been able to catch our full month of love for February, we’re telling our story in a new way with the help of our homeowners. For this week’s grand finale, we’re revealing a visual introduction to our community unlike any other. Read on below for a recap of our previous installments, and for our newest video that will help you see why it’s time to visit Woodside in just three short minutes.

Week 1: A Patriotic Community

“Having lived on many military installations, I can tell you that this is really the most patriotic place that I’ve ever lived. This community loves its country, and loves each other.”

During our first week of our new love series, Woodside Communities homeowners Pam and Vic Sowers shared that the patriotic spirit within the community was what made them feel most at home. From the VA Medical Health Centers nearby, to the many patriotic celebrations throughout the year, Vic knew that his military service was honored and appreciated here. Thanks too to our continued investment in community amenities and development, and our gated entrances, Woodside is also a favorite for  active duty military serving at locations like the nearby US Army Cyber Center of Excellence. They know that in the event of a deployment their family will be protected, and in the event of sudden relocation, their resale value will be strong.

Week 2: A Lifestyle Community for Active Adults

“If I was to put my finger on one attribute, it would be that warm, welcoming feeling. That’s what I truly believe: that if you can combine the positive attitude of your neighbors it propagates in your own health.”

In the second week of this month’s series, Becky Hill demonstrates why so many others have named Woodside the best community for singles. Thanks to our wide array of amenities, and roster of 60+ active clubs and social groups, there are a vast number of options designed to help you connect with your neighbors. From hiking trails and fitness, to golf and racquet sports, the amenities within Woodside Communities ensure that you can always find a place to form new and lasting relationships. Outside our community within Aiken, SC, the town we’re proud to call home, homeowners like Becky can also enjoy an active and diverse arts scene, boutique shopping and fine dining.

Week 3: A Warm and Welcoming Community

“It’s like going to college your freshman year. You’re with almost everyone who is in the same phase of life: very eager to meet you and develop new friends.”

Last week, the third in our February series, homeowners Deb and Barry Shultz share what made them feel so at home within Woodside Communities. Before moving in the last of their furniture, they were already forming new friendships they knew would last a lifetime. How could that be? Like Barry references, new property owners move here in the same situations: leaving friends and established relationships in other neighborhoods to enjoy their dream lifestyle and new home, Woodside. Since we aren’t located in a town whose economy depends on tourism, most homeowners live here full-time. This nontransient atmosphere means that the people who live here invest time in giving back to the local community, and in forming lasting relationships.

Week 4: Our “Love” Finale

Thanks to the commitment of our developer of more than 25 years, Rick Steele, our community has continued to grow and attract an incredible community made of wonderful people like the ones pictured here. Get introduced to him, and to all that makes Woodside special, in our final installment for February’s month of love below:

“Over 25 years, so much has changed, and there’s always something new. And that’s something that I enjoy: new neighborhoods, new parks.. It’s just amazing how every year there’s something new and different, and that’s part of (my wife and me’s) commitment to Woodside. I see that continuing well into the future.”
Rick Steele, Woodside Developer

Woodside has been thriving for more than 25 years under the leadership of Rick Steele. Through economic rises and falls, during times when many other communities were forced to halt their investments in amenities and neighborhoods, Woodside has remained. Choose a stable community to call home. Choose a patriotic community for your new home. Choose a community with a wide array of amenities and neighborhoods that ensure you’ll find your dream home and ways to enjoy lifetime passions. Choose a community that is warm and welcoming, with people who desire to make a connection with you.

Choose to visit Woodside today. Get started by submitting the information below and be connected with a team member who is eager to answer your questions and help you discover Woodside Communities for yourself. (You may just find your own story featured in our next love series.)

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