At Woodside, we know the cost of living is essential. Luckily for us, Aiken, SC is 14-60% less than most metropolitan areas and as much as 40% less than other popular retiree destinations, including the coast and mountains. Besides being an affordable place to live, South Carolina also boasts the 7th lowest property taxes in the country, exempts Social Security benefits from state income taxes, and there’s a $15,000 deduction for people that are 65+ and receiving any other type of retirement income. See here for more generous exemptions on retirement and fixed incomes.

Once you have determined the best region to fit your budget, you can now consider the lifestyle and amenities you desire most. Here is a small list of questions to help direct you towards finding a region to fit your interests.

  1. Do you want to be in a large city or do you prefer a smaller town within close driving distance to more metropolitan areas? Consider how much traffic you’re willing to live with and how open you are to a city whose industry is built on tourism.
  2. Do you enjoy cultural experiences like concerts, performances, and art shows? Be sure to choose an area that offers these opportunities. While some regions have appealing communities, there are often few cultural experiences to enjoy outside the community’s gates.
  3. Research your healthcare options. Search nearby healthcare facilities and make sure they offer the high-quality healthcare options you desire.
  4. Would you prefer to live near a college or university? (More folks are narrowing choices to towns with colleges thanks to educational, employment, and cultural experienced offered.)

Here are fun facts about Aiken and Woodside:

  • Aiken was voted 2018’s South’s Best Small Town, the South’s Friendliest Town, and was among the top South’s Best Food Towns by Southern Living Magazine.
  • Aiken’s Willcox Hotel was voted South’s Best Hotel in 2019 and continues to be recognized in Travel & Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler.
  • Woodside earned “Best Walking Trails” by Ideal-Living Magazine because of its more than 21 miles of scenic walking trails added each year.
  • Aiken is less than a 3-hour drive to the beaches of Hilton Head, Charleston, and Savannah, as well as the Blue Ridge Mountains. We like to say that we are “In the Middle of Everywhere!”

At Woodside, we are lucky to call Aiken our home, with a charming historic district, cultural art festivals, and an array of professional healthcare services catered towards your overall health.

There are many gated communities where folks do not feel safe navigating the town or city in which their community resides. Here at Woodside, we are grateful we rank as the safest city in South Carolina – according to Our low property crime rate and high ratio of law enforcement to residents will keep you feeling safe whether it’s going to the grocery store, local park, or to your favorite community event.

If you want to stay in your community, we also have you covered. Woodside offers over 60 resident-created clubs and activity groups, a brand-new Clyde Johnston and Fuzzy Zoeller-designed Hollow Creek Golf Course, an active calendar of social events, and numerous community-focused parks for residents.

Woodside residents also neighbor The Village at Woodside, a community amenity where you can live, work, eat and play. Residents have access to a world-class gym, several eateries, and healthcare professionals inside of The Village at Woodside.

Here are some benefits of Woodside’s gated community:

  • Storage facilities to store your boat, motorcycle, or RV
  • Home security features to ensure safety when away from home
  • Family-minded community for those in Military or travel-heavy careers

Finding the right gated community doesn’t stop until you visit. Use the ideas above to narrow down your list of essential features a community should have and then check it out!

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