If you’re like most people, the thought of building your own dream home seems at once both exciting and intimidating. On one hand, you have an incredible opportunity to design a home that is perfectly “you,” one that is your dream instead of someone else’s, tailored specifically to your wants and needs, with your personality infused from the ground up. However, before that can become your reality, you may find that there are some lingering questions to address. Do you hire a contractor? How involved can you be with adjusting your home plan? How many hours will it take to pick out your floor coverings, windows, kitchen cabinets, etc.?  The all-inclusive Aiken Design Center has turned these notions into concerns of the past, and with some help from their experts Nita Roberts and Noreen Fitzgerald, find out exactly how this has been accomplished.

Nita Roberts, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Carolina Signature Homes, has an incredible background in construction and design, and is most assuredly one of the reasons that the Woodside building process is so painless. At the Aiken Design Center, in a matter of hours, one trip with Nita and her associates will yield a fully rendered home design, drastically reducing the amount of effort needed to take your home from dream to reality. With no contractors to coordinate, fully customizable home plans, an industry expert taking the lead on your behalf, and the ability to choose most finishings in a matter of hours, the Aiken Design Center addresses and eliminates any concerns regarding the home building process.

Nita is also fortunate to have a qualified team of professionals at her side that work equally as hard to make this operation a seamless one. One such colleague is Noreen Fitzgerald, an educated and professionally trained Architectural Interior Designer with more than 20 years’ experience. With regards to her contribution to the Aiken Design Center, Noreen explains, “My primary role currently is to meet with clients and custom design their cabinets to suit their needs and wants…  I will also meet with clients to guide them through the selection process of all the items and choices available to them when building their home in an effort to simplify the process and enable them to enjoy it.”

Considering the amount of talent within the walls of the Aiken Design Center, I asked Noreen what it was that attracted so many of the industry’s top professionals here to Aiken. “The Aiken Design Center is laid out to display all the possibilities to the building client, all under one roof! In essence, it’s a one stop shop to creatively, quickly and easily, design a beautiful home that is unique and special for our clients, reflecting their own personal tastes.”

See below for photos of the Aiken Design Center, and if you have any questions on building your own dream home, choose “Contact Us” at the top of this page, or call us today at 1-888-344-7009!